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Kim Carnes continued this tradition with the perfect "Bette Davis Eyes," where she describes a girl as being "pure as New York snow" — maybe New York snow was less gross in the '80s. This was a great year to be born. It was also a big year for Michael Jackson, who landed three no.

The classic hymn of drunken karaoke nights was released this year — "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, which spent four weeks at no. If only we could go back to and warn Rick Astley about the ways his seminal single "Never Gonna Give You Up" would be used in the future, but alas, we cannot. The best-selling single of the year was George Michael's "Faith," another endlessly catchy track. Two songs dominated , and went on to break records for longest consecutive no.

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Another slow jam, "I Swear" by one-hit wonder AllOne, also reigned for 11 weeks. This year also produced the still-classic TLC hit "Waterfalls. Also big: "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio featuring L. It was the grand year of "Macarena" by Los Del Rio, which dominated the top of the charts for 14 weeks. It was eventually overtaken by another fun party hit, "No Diggity" by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre, which would get a second life in Pitch Perfect when Anna Kendrick sang it a cappella.

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Such speakers are commonly found in keyboard instruments. The speaker rotates, which is what provides the different sound. There is a rumor that McCartney owns the rights to the song "Happy Birthday. Paul Weller covered the song to celebrate McCartney turning His version was made available for download on Sir Paul's actual birthday June 18th, for one day only and it entered the UK Singles chart at Proceeds from the cover went to the War Child charity.

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Paul played the lead guitar on this with John, as well as the piano, which was cleverly miked and fed into a Vox Defiant, a solid state amp, which featured a unique mid-range booster. You can hear the settings change throughout. Please sign in or register to post comments. While the song's restrained honky-tonk beat emanates composure, Cline tries her best to do the same, keeping herself together in the presence of an old love wants her to be just his friend.

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Lyricist Brent Baxter's mother was an English teacher who used the phrase "as empty as a Monday morning church" to explain poetry to her students. Over a simple yet classic Erin Enderlin melody, Baxter applied that metaphor to the heart of an inconsolate widower enraged with God. The song was considered by Lee Ann Womack and Terri Clark before finding its ideal interpreter in the melodrama-averse Alan Jackson, whose quietly desperate performance suggests that Patty Loveless' backing vocal is all that stands between him and the abyss.

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Deciding which of Jones' sad songs is sadder than the next is like trying to decide whether coal is blacker than the bottom of the ocean or midnight on a moonless night. A husband's walkthrough of his empty house fresh after his wife has left for good, "The Grand Tour" marks the moment when Jones found synergy with Epic Records producer Billy Sherrill, whose downtown violins were initially seen as antithetical to Jones' honky-tonk roots but ultimately functioned as the castle that isolates the king from the world.

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One of its co-writers? George Richey, who married Wynette a few years later. At the heart of this song by early Nineties crew Pirates of the Mississippi is the stirring image of a man kneeling down to deliver the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" bedtime prayer — pleading someone care for his best friend, a dog named Jake, if his owner should die before he wakes. However, "Feed Jake" is much deeper than the ballad of an orphaned pet. A classic in country music's ever-flourishing You-Think-You've-Got-Problems subgenre, "God's Will," the slow-burning piano ballad and emotional capstone to McBride's album Martina , valorizes a young boy with braces on his legs and a permanent, resilient smile on his face.

This Jim Weatherley-penned Charley Pride track never specifically says what happened to the woman whose memory can't be put away, but the way Pride sings it, it's safe to assume she's probably dead.

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The song, which became his 21st Number One on the Country chart when it came out in , walks through all the things the narrator hid of his lost love. The Singing Cowboy's breakout hit and lifelong calling card — co-written with Jimmy Long at a railroad depot, and a gentle, pre-eulogistic apology to Dear Old Dad for slowly worrying him half into the grave — was the first Gold record ever , which hopefully was some consolation.

After drawing it up with superstar songwriter Craig Wiseman , Ronnie Dunn just absolutely sang the hell out of it, darting ahead of the beat and belting with a preacher's conviction. It's a eulogy to fellow San Quentin inmate "Rabbit" Hendricks, who killed a police officer during a botched escape attempt and was sent to the gas chamber.

We can only wonder what last song was sad and sweet enough for the death row prisoner to request his "guitar-playing friend" to peform. Still, he was hesitant to play it at concerts since, as he said , "Nobody wants to hear blues on blues on blues. On the title track, Gauthier seeks forgiveness and compassion from the micro to the macro level, using an unfolding lyrical device inspired by a similar mechanism on Lucinda Williams' "I Changed the Locks.

The song's lyrics are in the form of a letter a soldier has written in case he dies in combat, with personal goodbyes to his mother, father and wife. McGraw performed the song for the first time at the ACM Awards in May , and was joined onstage by military families who lost loved ones while in service to their country.

Radio stations begin playing what was essentially a bootlegged version, which gained momentum with each passing week until the singer's label issued an official release. And then just kind of used our creative liberty to paint the picture. In Red Sovine's best song, "Phantom ," an out-of-luck traveler encounters the supernatural when he hitches a ride from a mysterious trucker named Big Joe.

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In his saddest, "Teddy Bear," a different trucker has some CB radio talk with a lonely boy who is "crippled and can't walk. With its keening fiddle and general morbidity, "I Sang Dixie" is as forlorn as a Civil War lament, recounting a vagrant's sad and lonely death on a "damned old L. He was right.

The song never cracked the country Top 40 for Rogers, but Supernaw's version stayed at Number One for two weeks in December In a sad real-life twist, Supernaw has been cited for failure to pay child support. When Ray Charles' career reached its late-Seventies nadir, the then year-old singer found that Nashville, of all places, hadn't forgotten about him: Clint Eastwood duet "Beers to You" reached the country Top 50, a Loretta Lynn Opry gig was a rowdy hit and his fall Hee Haw appearance was so successful that Buck Owens joked, "You keep hangin' around here, and you'll get on steady.

A Marty Robbins-esque gunfighter ballad, the song tells the story of a pair of Mexican bandits who lose their life to a posse of bounty hunters attempting to bring them back to Texas.