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Finding Your Power Places on Mother Earth

Sun objects : Adverse influence: Saturn line through Sun objects. Mercury objects : Adverse influence: Mars line through Mercury objects. Venus objects : Adverse influence: Pluto line through Venus objects. Mars objects : Adverse influence: Saturn or Neptune line through Mars objects. Jupiter objects : Adverse influence: Saturn line through Jupiter objects. Neptune objects : Adverse influence: Mars or Saturn line through Neptune objects.

Pluto objects : Adverse influence: Moon or Venus line through Pluto objects. Dividing your living area into astrological houses can also be used to better understand your living conditions; however, they comprise a larger area and therefore are not as definitive as the planetary lines. These houses can be used with greater reliability if they lack planets. This is more common nearer the equator, where only the First, Seventh, Twelfth and Sixth Houses contain planets in the Local Space horizon charts. One important factor about the planetary lines in the home relates to their altitude.

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When the altitude is above or below 60 degrees it may point to an influence above or below ground. Planets below the horizon may point to events in the basement or under the house. Those above 60 degrees of altitude relate to occurrences in the upper rooms, attic or on the roof. Take your time walking the chart, and when you are finished, go back to the center of the house where you started and think about what you've learned.

When you encounter an inharmonious situation the simplest remedy is to move the object to a better location. But what if it is a permanent fixture which cannot be removed? In these cases, you can use some methods suggested by Feng-Shui. The planetary lines that radiate out in all directions in your home keep on going outside the house in their respective directions. You have a center in your home, and in turn your home acts as a center for the whole community. Obtain a large and detailed city or county map and pinpoint where you live.

Then place the center of the Local Space chart transparency here over that point on the map. You can also draw in the planetary lines by using a sextant. Once this is done, it will not take long to discover why certain areas evoke certain emotions and trigger different experiences FIG. The line that you travel most frequently is important because you are continuously under its influence. If this line happens to be that of a planet that is strong for you, then you will benefit, because its energies will be drawn into your life.

However if a construction foreman has his Venus line running through the job site, he may find that his workers tend to procrastinate, which causes delays. When people travel across the planet or settle down in a new locality, they immediately begin to take notice of different physical and psychological changes. For some individuals, definite unconscious and spiritual changes occur as well. It is true that no matter how far you travel from the birthplace you still carry an original imprint of that location with the aspects between planets remaining the same.

The important point is that you can modify your birth chart to some extent by changing where you live! Therefore, the actual planetary influences at work, when properly understood, can give you a unique opportunity to develop plans and maximize your potential more directly, often in a short period of time. When you change where you live, the physical surroundings will change. More importantly, however, your subjective interpretations also change. You begin to perceive the new place in accordance with the new planetary emphasis for that location.

The longer you stay in a particular location, the more dominant this planetary influence will become. In the final analysis, any location is what you make of it. By overcoming difficult problems and drawing out the potential around you, it is possible to maximize your growth and happiness.

Each individual's Local Space lines start at the center of the home, then pass through the home and radiate out into the community. They don't stop there, but keep right on going across the surface of the Earth. If you can isolate your true life needs before relocating, then by comparing them with the appropriate planetary lines, it may be possible to know in advance in what direction you are going! On the other hand, if you are already in a new location, the knowledge of what planetary line you traveled on can prove very helpful in clarifying what situations caused the move, along with added objectivity in assessing present goals.

The Local Space chart for your personal locality or any locality you may visit is liable to have one or more planets close to the major directions i.


Any planet within three degrees of a cardinal direction will have the predominating influence in that particular locality. The Ascendant is in an easterly direction but not usually due east, as is the Anti-Vertex. Likewise, the Descendant is usually in a westerly direction, but rarely due west as is the Vertex. Even though it is rare that the Ascendant and Anti-Vertex are in the same place, a planet can set off both.

The horizon and the ecliptic are intimately related to each other, so they always work inclusively rather than exclusively. The Vertex is a highly localized point; in a sense it is right in front of you, ripe and ready to manifest. Both angles must be used to get a complete picture. While the houses in the Local Space chart still appear in an anti-clockwise order, like in the standard horoscope, the four angles are reversed, i. The houses will have various meanings similar to the standard interpretations of planets in Houses - similar because at this point there just isn't enough information on how the planets in Local Space Houses may differ from the standard.

The accepted practice of "the closer the orb, the stronger the influence" applies. If you have Jupiter 1 degree from the north and Saturn 4 degrees from the east, then Jupiter would be the predominating influence. You would still feel the influence of Saturn, but it would not be as significant as that of Jupiter. The closer your present location is to the equator, the more the planets will tend to cluster either east or west. Two and even three and four planets can be very close together, producing some complex effects.

Aspects and interpretations are the same, but keep in mind that you are dealing with a circle that goes east to west, above and below you, connecting the zenith and nadir. In the Local Space chart the controversy of Houses systems is avoided because the horizon is always measured equally.

The degrees of azimuth on the horizon around you can be used all throughout the middle and upper latitudes. It is most effective at the polar regions and least effective at the equator. The degree constant allows for each sector or House to be exactly 30 degrees in length. Take a look at Figure 2 above and it will be apparent that the Local Space houses are in reverse of the standard horoscope. It looks the exact same to me as the other chart I posted. You stubbornly refuse to admit that chart is wrong even when compared to 2 generated by programs recognized as top shelf in the field and a step by step explanation and comparison of the right and wrong charts showing the difference in time and planetary placement.

To not see such a plainly illustrated difference belies your claim of nearly 20 years of studying astrology. I had the natal Saturn-Pluto straddling your natal IC and progressed Mars-Saturn opposition in your progressed chart in mind. All aspects come into play when swept by daily transiting angles and by progressed angles of various charts at different times.

The Mars-Saturn opposition came into play yesterday as it was swept by the progressed angles of your current demi-anlunar when I posted that explanation and comparison. The natal Mars-Pluto opposition will be in the foreground of your anlunar which begins tomorrow evening. See attachments for both.

Last edited by wilsontc; at PM. Okay Okay I see the Sun and Moon are off by a few minutes, didn't mean to offend you. The planetwatcher chart I posted is mainly to give a general idea about me too which is why I also posted the more detailed chart for a more detailed analysis. I also have transit Saturn opposition to my natal Chiron so maybe that is making me difficult to work with too lol.

I have been studying astrology since I was 16 but not for 14 straight years and I am still learning a great deal.

I thought I knew alot just a few years ago but I have learned that there is always more to learn. Just a couple years ago I got into planetary aspect whereas before I never even bothered with them and when I first started astrology I didn't even bother with planets or houses but was totally fixated on sun signs. So this is a long drawn out process for me, maybe because I am doing independent research and not taking an actual course. Thank you again though for doing my local space chart.

The main reason I wanted it done was so I could find my Jupiter line and exploit the luck of Jupiter to find money on the street or purchase winning lottery tickets so if I ever win big I'll be happy to share my good fortune with you. Well I tried out my Jupiter line today and sure enough it is lucky.

I went to a convenient store that is right on the line and I went twice today once during a Jupiter planetary hour and both times when I had natal planets well aspected and in the 2nd 5th 8th and 11th houses although I only won a few dollars. I also went on the other side of my Jupiter line and not the planet side as the convenient store on the planet side is over a mile away and I didn't feel like traveling that far. Next I might try out my Venus line to see if I can find a girl and I plant to workout on my Mars line to make some good physical gains.

Would you believe it? My Pluto line Pluto being the ruler of death goes right through a cemetary! Moderator comment: From the planetwatcher FaceBook page: " Use astro. Find all posts by wilsontc. This system uses the natal chart and casts it from your current residence but I don't know exactly how to make the chart.

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I do the natal chart with my software, open it in a mapping program set to the location of the chart and select "Local Space Lines" to generate them. Then I had to remove the backround of the generated map so that when I placed it on the Google map the Google map showed. Attached Images Local Space Chart.