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Astrolove by Jessica Adams - - pages. Astronimca by Marcus Manilius - - pages. Astronmicon by Marcus Manilius - Deo Duce Comite Ferro S. Considered as a whole Soror S. It was sufficient for his needs to have a few brief letters, etc. The original German versions were perhaps flourished under this or that nose. He would only have known of their grammatical and other lapses if Mr Essinger had been qualified to tell him.

By the summer of Soror S.

Thus the time had now come to announce her decease. His letter, dated 23 August , purported to come from Dahme. There are small towns of that name in Holstein and what was then the Prussian province of Brandenburg. Dear Brother N. The loss will be very severely felt by many of us.

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The death occurred on 20 July at a village near B. We are afraid that the young I[n] Uftroque] Fpdelis] the secretary who has written letters to you for S. But all the knowledge is safe with him. I ought to tell you that permission to perform ceremonies in large lodges, as you are doing, was given by S. A few more 5 and 6 papers may be sent to you.

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I enclose my private card for your own use only. Everything was tied up in a neat package. However, this was not to be the case, for later her ghost returned to haunt him. Westcott began to recruit members in c.


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March No specimens of the earliest version have survived and the extracts printed below are from a later c. It will be noted that previous membership was claimed for a number of people who had never been Suspect Documents in the G. A descent from the original and mythical seventeenth-century German Rosicrucian Order was proposed. Again, although her name was not mentioned, there is a reference to Soror S. The Order of the G. During the early part of the second half of this century, several eminent Adepti and Chiefs of the Order in France and England died, and their deaths caused a temporary dormant condition of Temple work.

Prominent among those Adepti of our Order, and of public renown were Eliphas L6vi, the greatest of the modem French Magi; Ragon, the author of several classical books of occult lore; Kenneth Mackenzie, the author of the famous and learned Masonic Encyclopaedia, and Frederick Hockley, possessed of finer vision in the crystal, and whose MSS.

These and other contemporary Adepti of this Order received their knowledge and power from predecessors of equal and even greater eminence. They received, indeed, and have handed down to us this Doctrine and System of Theosophy and Hermetic Science, and the Highest Alchemy from a long series of practical investigators, whose origin is traced to the Fratres Rosae Crucis of Germany, which association was founded by one Christian Rosenkreuz about the year He was also undoubtedly familiar with C. The First Order is a group of Four Grades, to each of which in succession the Neophytes are admissible when duly approved by the Greatly Honoured Chiefs, after shewing themselves possessed of sufficient aptitude and knowledge.

Beyond the above there are Three Grades of Adeptship forming the Second Order; these have the power of selecting candidates, initiating students into the lowest [First Order] grades, and their Chiefs have in addition the power of issuing warrants of Temples, such as that of Isis-Urania. The highest of all in this ancient scheme are the Great Rulers of the whole System, who severally sustain and govern the Third Order, which includes Three Magic Titles of Honour and Supremacy. These represent the Supernal Triad of the Sephiroth and are shrouded and unapproachable to the profane and to all other but the Chiefs of the Adepts; in a case of a vacancy in this Order the Chief, most learned and most famous Adept obtains by decree the well-earned reward.

This Temple [i. Isis-Urania No.


The Temple No. Since the Third Order was supposed to exist only on the astral plane, promotion to it in the event of a vacancy was hardly likely. Mr Gerald Yorke wrote the following note in F. Supreme Magus of the R-f C, G. For this reason there is no accurate record of the names and rank of all the members, and very great ; reticence is shewn by them in their communications. It will be convenient if I now give you the name of our Order in the several languages.

Ragon, reinforce my contention that Soror S. This was a small coterie of Master Masons with a penchant for occultism. Before Westcott and Mathers joined it during the early s many who were in the Society were interested in spiritualism. Their ignorance is hardly surprising because the first serious studies by German scholars were not published until after When Westcott searched for them in they could not be found.

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Since the Soc. Little was acquainted with Kenneth Mackenzie b. Mackenzie who had, during a stay in earlier life, been in communication with German Adepts who claimed a descent from previous generations of Rosicru- cians. German Adepts had admitted him to some grades of their system, and had permitted him to attempt the foundation of a group of Rosicrucian students in England, who under the Rosicrucian name might form a partly esoteric society. In any event no contemporary German Rosicrucian group can be identified. Mackenzie did not join an English Lodge until March and even then did not apply for membership of the Rosicrucian Society, presumably because he had little use for it.

Lepsius, Briefe aus Aegypten, Aethiopen, etc. This book may have secured his election to membership of the Society of Antiquaries of London on 19 January , i. The Rosicmciati Society of England A.