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Needs alone time to day dream and escape, but at the same time highly emotionally in-tuned and sensitive. Hansol seeks understanding from others , but most of all— emotional intensity and depth as well. Fueling him with a need to give back to others , and to receive back the same kind, compassionate nature he gives to everyone before him. There are bad and good sides, you just got to understand them. The Space analogy takes out the unpredictability of a living creature , and Capricorn truly… would rather cuddle an inanimate object than an actual person.

His Scorpio actually acts like the fuel that moves him forward through the space, the air in his spacesuit— the driving force and will power. Moon-Square-Mercury makes him face difficulties in expressing his personal emotions and the intensity of everything he feels , in a way that personally satisfies him. Sincerely, step by step he wants to truly express his shared thoughts.

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Perhaps he acknowledges how Seungkwan just— rushes everything out into a word vomit sometimes. With his Moon-Sextile-Venus, he really does have an appreciation for the Capricorns in his life. In fact, he feels even strongly in tune, sensitive and compassionate towards them Pisces amplifies this.

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Overflowing abundance and supportive of their inner strength, a true believer and powerhouse in cheering for them. Now onto his Moon-Trine-Mars, you know how he mention the shoe-box incident where Seungcheol finds it? Vernon really is the type to do that. He really be that bitch who would take that kind of explanation so easily. His Pisces is only his Side Hoe. But having Aquarius here influencing his Mercury really sets his Sun-Mercury into a headquarter position over his entire life.

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Aquarius Mercury trine Sun creates a very strong outward persona for the person. They are often so— Mercurial in nature. Not necessarily a bad thing, Aquarius Mercury natives tends to structure everything else going on in their chart because of this placement sometimes. In a way, it can act as a great incentive and n atural inclination to reach out to other people — to be present and observational during the moment. It helps keeps him somewhat grounded in reality , and an active participants in the discussion around him.

Now, the thing is. This only makes his water placements needier , often times much more lonely because it feels stifled or isolated from reaching ou t in the way that Aquarius is facilitating for him.

Since his Aquarius Mercury is making him repress and overthink how he should go about it. He tends to process everything into structure, and then feels stifled trying to create an outlet for his— less logical and much more emotional side. Like, Aquarius really brings out the energy he needs to vibrate like a mild fire sign. There are plenty of others who can facilitate his softer nature. Having a little earth in his chart helps settle his air and water sign somewhat.

In fact, he possesses a lot of strength and will-power and can be very passionate when provoked. Alot of it has to do with his Venus-trine-Mars, which really has more to do with his Scorpio Moon in general see later. Speaks up and argumentative at times, despite wanting to keep peace sometimes he finds himself indefinitely stubborn of frustrated with himself for being stagnant for too long.

Often, a long-term planner or goal establisher. Will the decision impact any long-term goals? Will it benefit him? When should he cut it off? And it serves him well. Tends to be a bit slower on the uptake, but tries to instill some duties to himself. The type to practice endlessly sometimes, thrives in the cathartic nature of doing something.

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Usually, creativity comes in bursts and he has gained some resemblance of control in knowing how to tap into his inner conscious. Other placements includes Jupiter-Square-Pluto, which makes him reluctant to change, possibly combined with Venus-Square-Saturn makes him lack forethought and made the decision to join SMTM — which describes his Saturn-Opposition-Lilith. It was a good experience, if only to realize his own strength and stubborn nature , and how he really do need to lean on others more sometimes. Pisces Mars are generally pretty gentle people.

Their lovemaking is an adventure to Sagittarius - conquering the unknown is a must for any true Sagittarius. It is also something new for a shy Virgo curious about their adventurous mate. It brings out a whole new side of Virgo that can be charming and attractive. However, this pairing is a rarity for a reason. Emotional attachments are completely different for a Virgo and a Sagittarius. In short; Virgos seek them, Sagittarians fear them. Sagittarians need their space to breathe.

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  • Virgos need to feel close to feel effective. They need to feel as though they can criticize their mate, but not lose them. This is an uphill battle in a Virgo-Sagittarius relationship, as Sagittarians will take criticism the wrong way from their analytical Virgo mate. In turn, the emotional unavailability in Sagittarius will drive Virgo away rather quickly. Virgos crave the adventure for a mere moment - the beginning. Sagittarians crave the adventure endlessly, and will become bored after conquering their Virgo counterpart.

    They may feel completely fulfilled after the first sexual encounter, whereas Virgo may want more. This is a large disconnect in the relationship that few combinations of these signs survive from. However, a friendship or friends with benefits option for these two signs is rather appealing.

    Both signs are very intellectual and rather humorous, a secret Virgo trait, and rather obvious Sagittarius trait, much like their sexuality. Books are a shared interest for these two - they both love to learn and explore knowledge. When paired together, this duo is one of brains and logic. With Virgo ruled by Mercury, making them the communicators of the zodiac along with Gemini, they find it easy to toss ideas back and forth with the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, who loves big ideas.

    Overall, the lack of trust and emotional balance in this relationship will make it better suited for a friendship.

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